4-Skill Ultimate Bundle

Access to all 5 Thai courses to master Thai foundation, conversational, and reading & writing skills.

Beginner – lower Intermediate levels





12 months




Commit to your success

Many students start learning Thai but fail to reach their goals due to many reasons but the most common reason is the lack of commitment.

This 4-skill Ultimate Thai Bundle lays out a clear plan with small steps until you build a foundation of Thai speaking & listening and reading & writing skills with plenty of quality lessons and exercises.

Commit to mastering the Bundle in 12 months from now!

A Path to Solid Thai

Follow this path to complete 5 Thai courses just step by step. You will become confident and comfortable within a year.

1. Master Thai scripts and basic reading skills

Ultimate Guide to Thai Reading (Beginner)

To reach fluency in Thai, it’s crucial to be able to read Thai in order to remember words easily, get the right pronunciation, and deeply learn the root of the language.

Duration 2-3 months
Price: 7500 baht/Lifetime

2. Build up a great foundation

Intensive Thai Vol.1 (Beginner)

Our Intensive Thai Course Volume 1 develops a strong vocabulary and mastering grammar and syntax. You will then be able to converse basic Thai with ease and in a great structure. 

Study duration: 2 months
Price: 6,100 baht/Lifetime

3. Enhance your confidence in speaking daily Thai

Intensive Thai Vol. 2 (Upper Beginner)

Become more confident in everyday conversation and express your opinions with greater fluency. Our Intensive Thai Volume 2 is specifically designed for those transitioning from the beginner to intermediate level. 

Study duration: 2 months
Price: 6,100 baht/Lifetime

4. Expand your vocabulary and improve your Thai reading fluency.

Read Thai Books 1 and 2 (Upper beginner)

Enhance your reading skills with 1000 core vocabulary from 20 entertaining and relatable stories of Khun Michael, an expat living in Bangkok. 

Study duration: 3 months
Price: 2600 baht/Lifetime

5. Enhance your listening comprehension from casual Thai dilaogue

Thai listening practice 1 (Intermediate)

Understand daily conversation better as well as use common phrases and expressions in daily life. Train your ears to real Thai talks at slow and normal speeds.

Study duration 1 month
Price: 1990 baht/Lifetime

It's time to commit to your success!



(The original price of the 5 courses is ฿24,290)

฿13,900/12 months 
One-time payment

Pay once and get full access to 5 courses for a 12-month duration. Best for students who want to commit and complete the course within 1 year. It’s possible!

* This price may be subjected to VAT and regional taxes depending on where you reside. You will see the total amount on the checkout page.

฿17,000/lifetime (30% off) ⭐️
One-time payment

Pay once and access the 5 courses for a lifetime. 

This plan is best for students who want to learn at their own pace with no access limitations. As you will be granted lifetime access, you can always learn and review the courses anytime from anywhere.

* This price may be subjected to VAT and regional taxes depending on where you reside. You will see the total amount on the checkout page.


Yes, this 4-skill Ultimate Bundle includes core courses which are Ultimate Guide to Thai Reading (Basic Reading and Writing) and the Intensive Thai 1&2 (Foundation) that will help you get started with ease.

Besides, you will be able to practice with our Reading Exercises and Listening Exercises that are included in the bundle. Making this Bundle the best package to get started with.

It really depends on your background and how fast you learn. If you already know some basic Thai and have studied Thai for a year or more, 12-month access might be a good chapter option.

However, the lifetime access is just a bit more expensive but it provides lifetime access so there is enough time for you to complete all courses with ease.

Sure! We are happy if you would like to continue your learning Thai journey with us.

The amount of discount will be considered case by case. Please feel free to reach out to us at info@bananathaischool.com.

Unfortunately, this bundle cannot be refunded as it only offers a one-time payment plan. We would recommend you visit each course available in this bundle and see the lesson previews before deciding to join the bundle.

Anyway, you would love these courses so much that a refund policy is not needed.

The prices are in Thai Baht (THB) however you can use your currency to make a payment with your card. The exchange rate is according to the current rate. 

Regional taxes may be applied depending on where you reside and where your card is issued.

4 Volumes to Build Conversation & Foundation Skills

Beginner-Level Courses

INT Volume 3 (Build Competence)

Our intensive Thai course Volume 3 is designed for intermediate students who possess a strong conversation foundation to enhance their Thai proficiency, spontaneity, and confidence to engage more in deeper-level topics in Thai.

INT Volume 4 (Build Fluency)

This Intensive Thai Volume 4 is designed to take you from proficiency to fluency. This course focuses on enhancing your speaking abilities and expanding your vocabulary with dynamics.

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