5-Day Challenge to Speak Thai Sentences From Zero Knowledge

Get daily video lessons and guides to speaking unlimited Thai sentences by learning just 6 words and a grammar topic a day.

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Day 1

Learn how to expand your vocabulary with compound nouns related to food from 6 words to use in unlimited ways.

Day 2

Combine the words you have learnt and put them in a proper sentence. Your first Thai sentences are ready to be used!

Day 3

Add some of the 3 most commonly used adverbs in your sentences and use them correctly.

Day 4

Time to discover another sentence structure – negation. Learn to build a negative sentence.

Day 5

Master the last type of sentence – question. Ask any questions in Thai from now on!

"By the end of the day #5, you will master in total 30 words and 3 types of sentences to speak unlimited Thai"

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