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A step-by-step course to build a foundation to converse in daily life with ease and understanding.

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Many students ask me how to get started with Thai as a beginner. The key to start effectively is to set your goal clearly and to build a foundation with a well-structured path to learn.

Set your goals

As a beginner, you should not aim to become fluent but to be able to understand and be understood in daily conversation. If you want to be able to live and get around with ease in Thailand.

Build a foundation

It’s important to build a foundation in a systematic way. Place knowledge pieces in the right place to understand how the language works. Sentence structure and syntax are the keys. (Learn to speak in a sentence, not just word)

Follow a well-structured path

Many students got lost in overloaded content on Youtube and some got stuck and cannot make further progress. Hence, it’s crucial to have a well-structured program that guides you just step by step to reach your goal.

Foundation with essential keys

With this course, you will build a great foundation of Thai language in a systematic way with 4 essential core elements that will ultimately help you speak daily Thai with ease:



Learn more than 500 common Thai words with practical examples



Learn essential grammar and syntax to speak in a proper sentence.



You will learn to express Thai in natural and appropriate ways. 



Practice Thai dialogues to be ready to converse in your daily life.

It's best for you to experience the lessons yourself.


10 Chapter 45 Lessons

In this course, Kru Smuk uses English transliteration (roman letters) to teach. It’s perfect for beginners to get started without having knowledge in reading and wrting Thai. So this guide helps you pronounce Thai words to the closes original pronunciation.

Ps. The course also integrates words in Thai scirpts for those who already knew how to read and write Thai as well.

Learn personal pronouns and phrases commonly used in the your first conversaton to introduce yourself and get to know other people in Thai with ease. 

Grammar: Sentence sentence structure

Learn to ask “What is it?” and defind common things such as food, drinks and animal. Besides, learn to express your wish (to want) in 3 different ways. 

Grammar: Verb to be

Let’s learn number and names of fruits and vegetabels in Thai. Besides, you can practice in a dialogue of buying fruits. Ask “How much does it cost?” or “How many do you want?”.

Grammar: Adjectives of quantity (many, a few and more)

Learn common Thai dishes and let’s practice conversation at a restaurant from booking a table, asking for the menu, ordering food and customize your order. 

Grammar: 3 ways of verb can/could

Let’s learn daily routine activities together with days of the week and time to express your plan from morning until evening, ask others about thier plans on weekend or schedule an appointment. 

Grammar: Present continuous tense

Learn clothes and accessaries in Thai so you will be ready to go shopping in a local market. Find a piece of clothe in a bigger size and in other colours. Try it on and ultimately bargain for a better price.

Grammar: Past tense

Learn how to call each of family members from a family tree. Besides, learn vocabulary related to attractions and hospitality to converse during traveling (Hotel booking & transportation options) as well as tell your freinds how your trip was. 

Grammar: Present perfect tense (have done, never, ever, yet, and already)

It’s time to get around with ease. Learn to guide your way home or explain your location to a delivery man. Master prepositions of location as wel as direction. 

Grammar: Future tense & Sentence connectors

See the doctor and tell him/her what do you have; headache, fever, rash, runny nose or food poisoning. Ask someone for help and a favour in Thai.

Grammar: Modal verbs (must, have to, might, it’s likely to, etc.) / If-clause


Learn verbs and nouns related to work and office. Gossip with your colleagues regarding salary and meeting  =as well as borrow some office equipments, if needed.

Grammar: Classifiers (unit of nouns) / Sumary of all Wh-question words 

Watch lesson previews

It’s best for you to experience the lessons yourself. Click on any of the free preview and visit the learning platformt to get the impression of the course.


This Intensive Thai course is a learning program with engaging lessons, innovative materials, and personal assistance from your Thai teacher.

Monthly subscription

A great option for students who already know basic Thai or learn fast. You can take a month or two months to review and boost your understanding.

This is a subscription product billed on a monthly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page.

One-time payment

This option is best for students who have no experience in learning Thai (total beginner) as students can take time to study and come back to review anytime in the future. Basically pay once to access for a lifetime.

* This course takes 2-3 months to complete.


This intensive Thai course has been taught to more than 50 private students and 500 self-paced students. More reviews on BananaThai Facebook Page


If you need further information to decide before enrolling in a program, please book a consultation call for personal assistance from us. We are happy to help you. 

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