Intensive Thai Bundle

The ultimate path to building a strong foundation and becoming fluent in speaking Thai within 8 months.

Conversation & Foundation Skills




video Lessons

8 Month


A1- B2


Our Newest Thai Program

Our Intensive Thai 2023 Edition is developed from the 2019 Edition with an improved structure, updated content, extensive topics and the valuable feedback of over 3000 past students.

Updated Content

The new Edition includes current topics, reflect modern language usage, and encompass aspects of the modern Thai lifestyle.

Improved Structure

The lesson sequence, duration, and progression have been refined to create a seamless learning experience.

Enhance Lessons

Interactive approaches, engaging materials, and an immersive learning environment have been implemented to enhance the quality of the lessons.

Extensive series

The course now covers proficiency from beginner level to upper intermediate foundations (A1-B2), providing a comprehensive learning path.

What includes in the course?

Pocket LEssons

Our interactive video lessons are about 12 minutes long and is taught by our head teacher Kru Smuk with great fun guaranteed.

Downloadable Books

The worksheets and solution book are available to download. You can annotate on your taplet or print them out easily.

Student Community

Reach our anytime when you have a question. Our teacher team is ready to assist you.

Engaging tools

We includes activities and exercises in various forms such as flashcards, matching game, drag and drop as well as quizzes.

Keys to Success

With this course, you will build a great foundation of Thai language in a systematic way with 4 essential core elements that will ultimately help you speak daily Thai with ease:



Learn more than 500 common Thai words with practical examples



Learn essential grammar and syntax to speak in a proper sentence.



You will learn to express Thai in natural and appropriate ways. 



Practice Thai dialogues and be ready to converse in your daily life.

Build with 4 Volumes

Your path to success with Intensive Thai Series

Available Programs

Beginner Level

Develop a rock-solid foundation in Thai to gain a thorough understanding of the language and converse effortlessly in daily situations.

📒 Volume 1 (Total Beginner) Chapters 1-8
📗 Volume 2 (Upper Beginner) Chapters 9-16

Intermediate Level

Elevate your Thai language skills to confidently engage in advanced conversations on various topics with dynamics and fluency.

📘 Volume 3 (Lower Intermediate) Chapters 17-24
📕 Volume 4 (Intermediate) Chapters 25-32

Full Bundle Deal

Intensive Thai Bundle (Speak Pro)

Get full access to all 4 volumes of our newest programs to master solid Thai foundation and become fluent in Thai within 32 weeks

📒 Volume 1 (A1) Chapters 1-8
📗 Volume 2 (A2) Chapters 9-16
📘 Volume 3 (B1) Chapters 17-24
📕 Volume 4 (B2) Chapters 25-3

Pricing Plans

Pay monthly up to 6 months with a free lifetime upgrade


Per month (automatically recurring)

Total 4 Courses​

Pay one and access for a lifetime with a 20% discount


Pay once for a lifetime access

Total 4 Courses

If you wish to join a particular course only, visit the course page to choose on your demand.

Speak & Read Basic


per month (recurring)

Total 3 Courses

🎁  Free upgrade to lifetime access after the 6th payment

Speak & Read Pro


per month (recurring)

Total 8 Courses

🎁  Free upgrade to lifetime access after the 6th payment

Speak Pro


per month (recurring)

Total 4 Courses

🎁  Free upgrade to lifetime access after the 6th payment


This intensive Thai course has been taught to more than 50 private students and 500 self-paced students. More reviews on BananaThai Facebook Page

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Ready to boost your Thai listening and comprehension skills?🚀
Our new Pocket Thai Podcast offers engaging stories and interactive lessons to help you master Thai.

📚 2 Books, 30 Stories:
📕 Book 1: Daily Thai
📘 Book 2: Very Thai


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