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Learn Thai at your own pace, at any time, from everywhere!

24/7 Access

Our online learning platform allows you to log in from anywhere in the world and access the video-based lessons that are taught by Kru Smuk (our head teacher).

Engaging Lessons

Each course comes with HD video lessons, downloadable sheets, and audio as well as exercises and activities to keep you engaged and have fun learning Thai with us.

Student Support

Besides, you will get student support in the comment session. Ask any questions or get your homework corrected like in the real class.


* Foundation-level courses are now available. We plan to launch intermediate and advanced-level programs in mid 2022.

Advanced (C1-C2)

Become fluent in conversing in Thai naturally by practicing holding complex discussions and expressing opinions with dynamics and confidence.

Intermediate (B1-B2)

Feel comfortable in understanding varieties of contexts and topics by learning comprehensible inputs, such as listening and reading practices.

Beginner (A1-A2)

Be able to converse daily Thai and get around with ease. The courses helps students build a great foundation of conversational Thai in a systematic way with vocabulary, sentence structures and grammar.

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Conversation Courses

Intensive Thai for Beginners

Build a foundation of basic conversation to speak daily Thai with confidence. The perfect course to start with.

Level: Beginner (A1-A2)
Intensive Thai for Intermediates

Continue enhancing your Thai foundation and become more fluent and confident to converse in wider topics and situations.

Level: Intermediate (B1-B2)
Thai Listening Exercise

Train your ears to casual Thai and boost your understanding of everyday conversations in the form of podcast lessons.

Level: Upper Beginner (A2)

Read & Writing Courses

Ultimate Guide to Thai Reading

A step-by-step program to master Thai scripts and read Thai rules with ease and fun. This course is best for beginners to start with.

Level: Beginner (A1)

Thai Reading Exercises

Improve your Thai reading skills with 20 short stories of Khun Michael, an expat living in Bangkok. Fun stories with relatable experiences.

Level: Upper Beginner (A2)

Thai Pronunciation Series

Master Thai pronunciation and understand the concept of Thai sounds with practical techniques. Train your mouth and ears with various drills.

Level: All levels

Bundle Promotion

We offer varieties of ready-to-learn packages with different goals and needs. Commit to a long-term plan and invest in your success. Our experts designed the most effective learning paths for you here.

Follow our plan and start learning with a discount.

All-Course Bundle


Access 5 Thai courses from beginner – intermediate levels

– Intensive Thai (Foundation) 
– Ultimate Guide to Thai Reading
– Read Thai Exercise Book 1 
– Read Thai Exercise Book 2 
– Thai Dialogue Listening Practice 1 

Plus, an option to get the Thai pronunciation course with a half-price deal.

Enjoyable Experience Guaranteed!


More than 600 students enrolled in BananaThai’s programs
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The Reading Thai course is featured rich, entertaining and a rewarding resource. Better than any book. Kru Smuk makes it very easy, almost holding your hand walking you through the contents.
Testimonial khun Mike
Mike H
Retired and live in Amnat Charoen
I thoroughly enjoyed the Intensive Thai course. Kru Smuk explains everything very well and very clearly. I love that she uses examples for every section and adds a lot of extra information throughout each lesson - 10/10.
Dayna Carstens
Teaching in a Thai school and live in Bangkok
I was first wondering if an online course will work for me but no doubt, it definitely does! Kru Smuk is very dynamic and funny, so it makes you want to come back to learn more each time.
Julien Nignifo
Co-founder at SomTamLabs


If you need further information to decide before enrolling in a program, please book a consultation call for personal assistance from us. We are happy to help you!

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