Intermediate Thai on Fridays

Join group Thai lessons via Zoom to improve your Thai and engage in an active Thai-learner community.

Best for intermediate students

Group Thai lessons









Keep your Thai on fired!

Even though you are already confident with your daily conversation and already built a great foundation of sentence structure and syntax, there is still plenty to learn and improve.

Two-in-one program (Online/Offline)

Join weekly lessons with Kru Smuk

In the Zoom lesson, you will learn various topics including Thai grammar, listening practice, culture, as well as have fun with discussion, and games. At the end of the class, we will have a summary and Q&A session.

Watch more than 100+ past video lessons

We have collected more than 100 video lessons since we started this program 2 years ago during the pandemic. You can select any topics to watch at any time from everywhere.

Engage in the Thai-learner community

Our community on Facebook group is really active and engaged. You will learn and discuss with other Thai learners from around the world. Materials, sources, information and tips will be shared there.

What contents are taught in this program?

This program provides a series of individual lessons with various topics that are practical and interesting.

✓ Avoid common mistakes Thai learners usually make
✓ Thai vocabulary (in a more complex context)
✓ Improve your Thai pronunciation
✓ Learn Thai grammar and sentence structure
✓ Tips and techniques to speak like a local with slang and colloquial expression.
✓ Interesting Thai cultural facts and lifestyle

I would highly recommend this course to students who have completed the Intensive Thai Course or are at the intermediate level.

New Method: Learn Casual Thai Dialogues

During these two months, we focus on learning colloquial Thai from Thai Sitcom Series.

✓ No English will be used in the class.
✓ Open discussion
✓ Train your brain to comprehend by listening and watching.
✓ Further explanation to use each colloquial term at the end of the class
✓ Get a list of vocabulary and transcript for every lesson

I highly recommend this course to students who have completed the Intensive Thai Course or are at the intermediate level.

How does it work?

Once you enrolled in this program and made a payment, you will be able to access this program right away. Here are the steps to start:

1. Join our Facebook group with the link sent to your email inbox with the welcome email.

2. You will receive an email from us with the topic f the week, study sheets, as well as Zoom meeting URL to join the class.

3. Join the live lesson at 4:00 pm (Thai time)

4. After the lesson, you will receive an email with link to the recorded lesson and notes from the lesson. You can watch the video if you missed the class or want to study again. 

Example lessons

It's best for you to experience the lessons yourself.

 visit the learning platformt to get the impression of the course.

Join the program

This Intermediate Thai on Fridays provide you various materials, group lessons, community and advice from Kru Smuk.

฿ 500/month
Monthly subscription 

Students will be able to access the content lirbrary, Facebook Group and get a link to join weekly lessons.

The payment will be automatiically recured every 30 days and can be cancle anytime.

Try out your first lesson

We are happy to offer you a free trial to join the coming lesson this Friday. We will send you a Zoom meeting link together with study sheets. Experience the class before joining.


See how my past students love this course!

More than 200 students joined and enjoyed the Intermediate Thai on Fridays. More reviews on BananaThai Facebook Page


If you need further information to decide before enrolling in a program, please book a consultation call for personal assistance from us. We are happy to help you. 

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