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Are you looking for a Thai teacher?

BananaThai has a connection with a couple of Thai teachers who can provide you private Thai lessons to help you commit, make progress, and experience tailored learning styles that match your own needs. Besides, you can also set a tuition fee you’re willing to pay as well. 

Just let us know your needs, preferences, and goals. We will get back to you very soon. If you have any questions, please read the FAQ below or contact us at info@bananathaischool.com.

There are a few steps to find a Thai teacher:
1. You fill in your information in the form below. Please make sure you put your information in details so your expectations can be met. 

2. Once we have received your inquiry, we will look around in our network. 

3. If a teacher matches your requirement and is available to tutor you, we will connect you both on email.

4. You can start your first lesson with the teacher.

Yes, we are happy to connect you and a suitable Thai teacher for free. 

We are offering this matching service for both students and teachers as we plan to build a more professional platform and a training program for Thai teacher later.

Currently, we have a couple of contact of Thai teachers who might be able to start teaching as soon as possible. However, it depends on the tuition fee you’re willing to pay, your location, as well as your and his/her schedule. Usually, it takes less than a week. As soon as we find an available teacher, we will inform you by email.

That’s fine. It takes time to find a suitable teacher or a perfect match. 

We would recommend you have a trial lesson with a teacher first, and see if he/she the teaching style is suitable for you. (We encourage you to pay for the trial lesson, it’s fair for time and effort the teacher has to put in a lesson.)

If you don’t feel comfortable and motivated to learn with the student, please inform us, we are happy to propose you other profiles. 

The price range of a Thai teacher is fairly big. It starts from 350-1200 baht/per hour. Of course, if you pay in advance for 15-20 hours, you can make a negotiation.

The recommended price is about 500 baht for a quality and experienced teachers. If they are good and suitable, they deserve to be well paid. 

The teachers doesn’t work directly with BananaThai but they have submitted their profile with us. 

At least, we look at their appearance, experiences and supporting details such as CV and an introduction video.

Or, you can also check out our online courses.

BananaThai provides self-paced online courses where students can learn on our online platform with video lessons, course books, flashcards, audio, and quizzes. It’s the best way to be flexible, yet effective in learning Thai on your own. 

We also provide student support to answer questions and provide feedback for homework. If you are a self-learner or want to start learning Thai now, check out our six programs. They are awesome!

5-day Easy Thai ChallengeFree mini program for beginners

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