Thai Listening Exercise

Improve your comprehensive Thai listening skills with 15 casual Thai dialogues.

Best for lower-intermediate level




core words

1-2 months




Train your ears to casual Thai

Are you struggling to understand Thai outside the classroom? Native Thai speakers usually use many colloquial expression, particles, and casual dialect. Plus, they also speak quite fast. 

It’s time to practice real Thai talks and improve your comprehensive listening as well as conversational skills.

Improve your real conversational Thai on the go with the audios.

Practice listening to 15 Thai dialogues in daily conversation
Learn to gather important information and understand from the context
Expand Thai vocabulary
Practice real Thai talk – master Thai particles and colloquial phrases

Best for students who completed the Intensive Thai Course or are at upper-beginner level.


Practice listening to dialogue audios without looking at the texts to practice comprehensive listening.


Learn vocabulary, particles, and colloquial Thai in order to fill the gaps you have and to connect the dots from the dialogues.


Lastly, train your ears slow and normal speeds. Practice listening and shadowing to the dialogues again and again.


15 podcast lessons

In this dialogue, Marc (the main charector) met Mali, his neighbor for the first time. They’re having a small talk and get to know each other.

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This morning, Marc needs to get on a taxi and go through Bangkok traffics to his office. 

It’s noon. Marc asked Mali to go for lunch. They decided to find something quick and easy to eat. A street food shop nearby is an option.

Marc wants to take BTS (Bangkok sky train) to Siam station from Asok station. He needs to first get some tickets from the staff.

Marc and Mali are exchanging ideas on their hobbies and activities they like to do in free time. 

Marc is now at a shopping mall with a mission to buy a new pair of shoes for work. Maybe he needs to ask for a bigger size and in other colours.

How many seasons are in Thailand? Hot, hotter and hoest? 

Mali just met a new colleague who came to work for the first day. She introduces herself and her job title. Let’s hope they can be good colleagues.

Marc introduce a new friend to Mali. He visited Marc at home and it seems like they will be good friends.

It’s holidays. Marc and Mali planed to have a road trip together. Can you guess where they are heading to?

Chatuchak market is famous for shopping on weekend. Marc wants to get a new shirt there. 

Mali is preparing to take off to see she family in her hometown. Marc is curious how big Mali’s family is.

Marc needs Mal’s advice on what to buy to visit his friend who is now stay at the hospital. Learn what Thai people normally buy as a gift.

Oh no. Marc lost his wallet at a shopping mall. Mali advised him to ask at the customer service counter.

Marc came to say hi at Mali’s place and found out that she is busy with all house chores. He thinks maybe he can help.

Lesson Previews

It’s best for you to experience the lessons yourself. Click on any of the free preview and visit the learning platformt to get the impression of the course.

It's best for you to experience the lessons yourself.

 visit the learning platform to get the impression of the course.


This Thai listening practice includes various learning tools. The lessons come in podcast audio format. You can download and study them on the go.

One-time payment

Pay once and access the course content and materials for a lifetime after the first purchase. 

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Victoria is one of my an upper-beginner students. She tried out the Thai listening Exercise program and made a video about what she liked about the course and had honest feedback. 

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