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Enjoy learning with your classmates from around the world in an interactive class (max. 5 students) on Zoom.

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Available Programs

Intensive Thai Volume 1

Conversation & Foundation (A1)

Let’s build a conversation foundation to understand how the language work. In this course, you will learn sentence structure, syntax, and word order while learning practical words and phrases at the same time. This is the best course to get started with!

Price: 8,900 THB – 24 hours within 8 weeks (16 Lessons)

[Open to Enroll]

Intensive Thai Volume 2

Conversation & Foundation (A2)

After establishing a strong basic Thai foundation from Intensive Thai Volume 1, let’s continue improving your everyday conversation as well as grammar and syntax with more complexity. This Volume 2 will make you speak Thai confidently

* Students must complete Intensive Thai 1 or are at the upper beginner level.

Price: 8,900 THB – 24 hours within 8 weeks (16 Lessons)

[Open to Enroll]

Ultimate Thai Reading

Basic Reading & Writing Foundation (A1)

A step-by-step program to master Thai scripts and read Thai rules with ease. The lessons are easy to digest and fun to learn. Students will be able to read and write basic Thai with full understanding and confidence.

Price: 6,000 THB x 2 payment terms – 40 hours within 10 weeks (20 lessons)

[Open to Enroll]

Read Thai Exercise

Improve Reading Fluency (A2)

Let’s enhance your reading and vocabulary skills with 10 Thai stories about Michale, an ex-pat living in Thailand. The stories are relatable and introduce you to the first 300 most frequently used words.  

Price: 5,900 THB – 15 hours within 5 weeks

[Start June 2023]

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See how our students enjoy our classes!
My Thai class was really fun. I love that I can participate and interact with other classmates. Kru Nooaon was very patient and supportive. I can always reach out to ask for personal help. I highly recommended BananaThai!
Sammy J.
American, Intensive Thai 1
I took the Intensive Thai 1 Course with Kru Ying, and I had a lot of fun. The lessons are interesting and practical. We had role-play and I can use what I learned right after the class. I am on my way to the Intensive Thai 2 next month.
Antoine D.
French, Intensive Thai 1
I was lost at the beginning and thought I will never be able to master this language but after a few lessons. I feel like I can connect the dots better and start to understand some Thai. I can't wait to continue with the reading and writing course!
Anna C.
German, Intensive Thai 1
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