Thai Reading Exercise

Keep improving your Thai reading skills by reading 20 short daily stories of Khun Michael about his Bangkok expat life. 

Best for upper-beginner level





1 month




How to practice Thai reading?

Once you completed the Ultimate Thai Reading course or already knew how to read basic Thai, you can work on your fluency and speed of reading. 

Expand vocabulary

Keep learning new Thai words that are related to your daily usage including your daily routine, work environment, traveling, buying clothes, family, hobby, etc. 

Repeat to remember

Repetition is one of the keys to success in becoming fluent in reading. In the reading exercise, Kru Smuk adds the words you’ve learned in different content so you can repeat and review the words again and again. Believe me, it will be easier and easier to read each time.

Speed up your Thai

We also provide reading exercise videos with audios that help you practice recognizing Thai words you learn in each story. This technique will help you recognize and read words faster. This could also be a great tool for shadowing Thai pronunciation as well.

Improve reading comprehension

First, read a story yourself. It will be a bit challenging as there are a couple of words you might not yet know. Try to understand the story from the given context. Then you can play a video lesson of Kru Smuk to go through the whole story with explanation, reading tips, and translation. 

Thai Reading Exercise (A2)

These 20 stories of khun Michael are fun to read and can be related to your living experiences in Thailand. 

Book 1

เรื่องที่ 1: บ้านของไมเคิล (Michael’s house)
เรื่องที่ 2: เรียนภาษาไทย (Michael learns Thai)
เรื่องที่ 3: ทำงานวันแรก (The first day at work)
เรื่องที่ 4: ข้าวกลางวัน (Lunch time)
เรื่องที่ 5: กาแฟเย็น (Iced coffee)
เรื่องที่ 6: ซื้อของที่ห้าง (Grocery shopping)
เรื่องที่ 7: เดินตลาดสด (Fresh market)
เรื่องที่ 8: วันยุ่งๆของไมเคิล (Just another busy day)
เรื่องที่ 9: วันเกิดของกล้วย (Happy birthday, Gluay!)
เรื่องที่ 10: ออกกำลังกายที่ยิม (Gym time)
>>Try out book 1<<

Book 2

เรื่องที่ 1: ขับรถไปเที่ยวทะเล (Let’s drive to the beach.
เรื่องที่ 2: กุ้งหอยปูปลา (I love seafood)
เรื่องที่ 3: เรียกแท็กซี่กลับบ้าน (Get a cab home)
เรื่องที่ 4: กลับบ้านต่างประเทศ (A flight back home)
เรื่องที่ 5: ครอบครัวของไมเคิล (Meet Michael’s family)
เรื่องที่ 6: ของฝากจากแคนาดา (Souvenir from Canada)
เรื่องที่ 7: กินเลี้ยงที่งานเลี้ยง (Birthday Celebration)
เรื่องที่ 8: ลาป่วยอยู่บ้าน (Take a sick leave)
เรื่องที่ 9: ไปโรงหนังกัน (Movie night on Wednesday)
เรื่องที่ 10: เล่นดนตรี (I love playing music)
>>Try out Book 2<<

Thai audio library

Access Thai audios of each story or download them to your device. These audios will help you read and get the correct pronunciation.

QR code to lessons

Each page provide QR code to access to mp.3 audio of the particular content you want within a few second.


Comprehension exercises

At the end of the story you can test your comprehensive understanding. Each exercise comes with a solution.


Lesson Preview

It’s best for you to experience the lessons yourself. Click on any of the free preview and visit the learning platformt to get the impression of the course.


This Thai Reading Exercise package for the upper-beginner level comes with various leanring tools to learn at your own pace.

One-time payment

Buy once and access the course materials for a lifetime. Access the video lessons and learn with the downloadable books and audios. 

Course Review


Read all 20 short interesting daily stories of Michael, a foreigner who lives in Bangkok in oder to.

✓ Read longer text with ease and joy.
✓ Expand basic Thai vocabulary related to daily life
✓ Improve your Thai pronunication by shadowing with the Thai audios
✓ Become more conversational and confident with Thai sentence structure. Learn 3 grammar topics each story.
✓ Become more confident in comprehensive reading.

Once you have enrolled in the program, you can log in with your email and password. You will be able to choose to access the 2 Read Thai Exercise programs. I would recommend you to start with Book 1.

Once you’ve downloaded and printed out your books then you can:
> First, learn how to read the whole story with my video lesson.
> Second, listen to the Thai audios and review vocabulary and grammar notes
> Third, speed up your reading with exercises to recognize words quickly.

This course best suits upper-beginner students who already know the middle-range vocabulary used in daily life (500 words).

You must be able to read basic Thai words already. I would recommend you complete the Ultimate Guide to Thai Reading course before taking this program.

Definitely, you can! Once you buy this course and log in to your student account, you can download both e-book and Thai audios to your devices. The video lessons are available to watch online.

Please note that all work and materials are subjected to copyright. Do not distribute information or rewrite this program without any permission and written agreement.

Credit card and Debit card are accepted for online payment on our website. Besides, you can also purchase a course with PayPal or Thai bank transfer (please contact info@bananathaischool.com)

The prices are in Thai Baht (THB) however you can use your currency to make a payment with your card. The exchange rate is according to the current rate. 

Regional taxes may be applied depends on where you resides and where your card is issued.


If you need further information to decide before enrolling in a program, please book a consultation call for personal assistance from us. We are happy to help you. 

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