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An ultimate guide to help you master Thai reading effortlessly. We simplified complicated Thai rules to easy-to-follow lessons.

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Great reasons to learn Thai reading


There is no way around becoming fluent in Thai without being able to read Thai. There are many reasons why you should finally master Thai scripts.

Enhance your memory

Visualization is one of the keys to helping you learn a language faster. You can memorize words easier when you know how to write them. It’s important to always ask how to spell the word you just learned.

Improve your pronunciation 

When you learn Thai scripts, you will also learn to pronounce each consonant and vowel correctly. Thai phonetics is totally different from English. There are many consonants and vowels that don’t exist in English so it’s impossible to sound Thai if you still keep pronouncing words in an English way. 

One system of writing – No confusion

There is no standard of English Transliteration so many schools write Thai words with English letters differently and it might be confusing when you look at other sources. Being able to read Thai helps solve this problem as there is only one way of writing with Thai scripts.

Expand your  learning sources

Think about you can learn new words from reading Thai books, social media posts, or signs on the street. You will be more engaged in improving your Thai from everywhere.

Mastering Thai scripts is possible!

Watch this introduction to Thai reading to see the overview of all the topics you need to master to read and write Thai. This video will prove to you that complicated rules can be simplified once you find a well-structured path to follow.

Ultimate Thai Reading Course

6 Chapters, 30 lessons will help you master basic reading and writing Thai skills. The course contents are well-structured to help you finally be able to read Thai sentences with ease. 

Let’s master 44 Thai consonants and how they are written and pronounced. Besides, you will also be able to remember their classes (middle, high and low) with our tips. Even though there are many consonants to learn, Kru Smuk highlghts the commonly used ones to save your energy to learn.

Watch the lesson 

This concept of live and dead syllable is unique in Thai. It is one of the elements to help you defind tones. Kru Smuk will help you simplified the rules for you to easily understand them.

Thai vowels are fascinating. Many letters (up to 4) can be compound as 1 vowel. Besides, some of them can change their forms or become obsolete. We will use visualization and exercises to help you master them with ease. 

First, I will guide you be able to differentiate the 5 different pitches and 4 marks of Thai tones, then we will use all concepts you learn in the first 3 chapters to define tones with tone maps (visualization tools). Plenty of exercises and examples are provided for you.

Kru Smuk gathered all important rules such as cluster consonants, obsoletion of syllables, hidden vowels, etc. These rules will help you read complicated words espeically those from other languages such as Sanskrit. 

There are many symbols (abbreviation, duplication, etc) used in writting Thai systems. These symbols are used in Thai books, document, signs, and news. Let’s dive into them!

Many Thai words are grouped in a couple of topics that relates to your daily life such as Thai menu, Thai signs, city/town names, texting messages, etc. You will practice reading them along with Thai audios.

Try out Thai lessons

It’s best for you to experience the lessons yourself. Click on any of the free preview and visit the learning platform to get the impression of the course.

It's best for you to experience the lessons yourself.

 visit the learning platformt to get the impression of the course.


This Ultimate Thai Reading course is a self-learning program with engaging lessons, innovative materials, and personal assistance from your Thai teacher.

⭐️ Self-study package

One-time payment

Pay once and access the course for a lifetime. You can come back and learn anytime as many times as you wish. No recurring billings. No worries about being charged again after the first payment. 

* This price may be subjected to VAT and regional taxes depending on where you reside. You will see the total amount on the checkout page.

Bundle Promotion

If you’re not in a rush to speak Thai, get started right with the basic Thai reading before moving forward to the foundation and conversation courses. 

Lifetime access to 3 course
📗 Intensive Thai vol. 1 (Total Beginner)
📗 Intensive Thai vol. 2 (Upper Beginner)
📗 Ultimate Thai Reading (Total Beginner)

Choose the course to get started with depending on your preference. You will have full access to both courses right after the purchase.

Each program comes with:
> 24/7 online video lessons taught by Kru Smuk
> Downloadable textbook and solution books
> Online flashcards, games, and activities
> Certificate of course completion
> Student support and feedback in the comment section 
> Est. completion time is 6 months

Only 14,000 THB from 19,700 THB (30% OFF) 


After hours of studying 6 essential chapters, you will attain all important concepts of Thai scripts in order to:

✓ Be able to read and write basic Thai sentence with great understanding.
✓ Be able to spell and pronounce Thai words  correctly.
✓ Be able to read anything around you such as street signs, food menu, drink menu, town/city names, etc.
✓ Continue learning Thai on your own (nothing can limit your potential to learn Thai)
✓ Continue improving your Thai reading fluency with Thai Reading Exercise Books (A2 level).

If you have a long term goal to become fluent in Thai, you might want to consider learning Thai reading at the beginning of your Thai journey. Maybe after you master the Intensive Thai or even before that.

Please note that students tend to read Thai faster with. less effort when they already know the words they are reading. So having good foundation of vocabulary and sentence structure surely helps. 

It normally takes 2-3 months to cover all 30 lessons. Each lesson takes around an hour to complete. Even though this class is a self-paced program, I would recommend you to have 2-3 lessons per week in order to advance your progress effectively.

BananaThai customer service is what my students appreciate the most. No need to be worried to get started, you will receive a welcome email with a course instructor to help you get started with the course.

Please feel free to submit your homework or ask any questions in the discussion section below each lesson. You can also learn from other students’ questions as well.

As mentioned, you will already be able to read Thai sentence slowly but surely after this course. If you would like to work on your fluency in reading, I highly recommend joinng the Thai Reading Exercises (A2 level) to practice reading 20 short stories of Michael the Bangkok expat. 

Credit card and Debit card are accepted for online payment on our website. Besides, you can also purchase a course with PayPal or Thai bank transfer (please contact info@bananathaischool.com)

The prices are in Thai Baht (THB) however you can use your currency to make a payment with your card. The exchange rate is according to the current rate. 

Regional taxes may be applied depends on where you resides and where your card is issued.

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📚 2 Books, 30 Stories:
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📘 Book 2: Very Thai


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