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At BananaThai, we ensure seamless process to learn Thai with our well-structured lessons, professional native Thai teacher team as well as exellent student support.


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Both self-paced programs and private lessons on demand allow you to learn according to your availability.


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Each lesson is fun, engaging, and easy-to-digest, making learning Thai an enjoyable experience.


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Our programs are well-structured and come with clear explanations and practical examples.

Available Lesson Formats

Highlighted Courses

We offer a variety of Thai courses for different skills and levels available for both self-paced video lessons and private lessons.

Conversation & Foundation
Level: Beginner (A1-A2)
Conversation & Foundation​
Level: Intermediate (B1-B2)
Listening Exercise
Level: Lower intermediate (B1)

Ultimate Guide to Thai Reading
Level: Beginner (A1)

Reading & Writing Exercise
Level: Upper Beginner (A2)

Thai Pronunciation Series
Level: All levels

Recommended Paths

Here are the most popular and effective learning paths to learn Thai with our programs.

Speak & Read Thai Basic

Best for students who want to converse in daily Thai and read basic Thai with ease.

Speak & Read Thai Pro

Best for students who has a long-term goal to become fluent in both conversation and reading & writing.

Speak Thai Pro

Best for students who want to master Thai foundation as well as become fluent in Thai conversation.

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Steven Presti
Steven Presti
This class has been great. I found them on YouTube. I started to learn on my own. And it’s been very helpful. I also started doing private lessons. And it was worth every penny. KRU Ying and KRU TUTTU. HAVE BEEN AMAZING.
I dealt with the school and they helped. Professional dealing with clients and very skilled.
DQ Ross
DQ Ross
The BananaThai online courses I have signed up for are absolutely brilliant. I have almost completed the previous version of the A1 course (they released a new version this year). I like the structure and Kru Smuk's personality makes the course very enjoyable. Everything is very well explained and the course is very well organised. The Quizlet site and app are also really helpful tools to study. I'm now able to build sentences and have a fair amount of vocabulary. I've just started the reading course and I'm really impressed so far. Again, everything is very well explained and organised. I definitely recommend both courses. Remember to sign up for the free 5-day challenge, it's a great way to find out if BananaThai is the course for you.
This weekly online group class is top-notch for those want to master the subtleties of Thai language step-by-step. Teacher Smuk tackles all the fondamentals with efficiency. Attending it for more than a year, it totally worth it.
Banana thai is incredible! 100% recommended. I learn online at my own pace, enjoying every lesson
Michal Zemančík
Michal Zemančík
Highly recommend this course for anyone who want to improve His language skills , videos are made with a great explanation and easy understanding, will definitely continue to study with another programs which are offered after first course is finished ⭐️ 👍
anil sariki
anil sariki
The courses and content are so meticulously designed here to learn the best. The teachers are very good too. I learned a great deal here
Brooke Noriega
Brooke Noriega
So much fun learning Thai with Kru Smuk! Relevant topics, clear and fun explainations. Love the format! Great energy. I learned soooo much in such a short amount of time!!
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