Pocket Thai Podcast

A pocket-sized podcast with a captivating Thai story delivered to you weekly to keep your Thai on fire.

The Newest Thai Course in 2024

Designed for intermediate+ students to help enhance listening and reading comprehension with Thai stories about Thai culture, values, lifestyle, and interesting topics in Thailand.

Whether you’re on the way to work, stuck in traffic, or enjoying your coffee, our bite-sized Pocket Thai Podcast will fit your busy schedule. All you need is 25 minutes of your day

Listen for free on Spotify or YouTube

Example Lessons

Listen to the pocket story and try to understand from the context. You can also download the story texts from the video description. 

Free & Premium Tiers

The course offers two tiers of access:

Free Tier: This grants access to the online podcast content and downloadable transcripts, albeit without translation or vocabulary lists. This tier focuses on enhancing listening and reading comprehension. The content is available on platforms like Spotify and YouTube (Pocket Thai Series).

Premium Tier: This tier provides access to the comprehensive learning platform, offering additional study materials such as vocabulary lists, bonus lessons with detailed grammar and syntax explanations, quizzes, and Q&A sessions.

Please be aware that the premium tier will become available at the end of July 2024. Currently, feel free to access the Free content on Spotify and YouTube.

Listen to the story



The worksheets and solution book are available to download. You can annotate on your taplet or print them out easily.

Get Free Lessons

Get weekly podcast lessons to your email. So you can improve your Thai comprehension for FREE. We will also update you with the launch of premium plan, and offer exclusive discounts. Sign up on the waitlist below.

Listen to the story



The worksheets and solution book are available to download. You can annotate on your taplet or print them out easily.

The program is in development.

We Plan to launch this course by july 2024. Join the waitlist.


Who is suitable for this program?

This program is designed for intermediate+ students or those who already have a strong foundation and solid communication skills, such as vocabulary, grammar, and syntax.

The lesson will focus on building fluency and natural nuances of the language.

For existing students, you should complete Intensive Thai vol. 4 before joining this program.

Pocket Thai covers a wide range of interesting topics related to Thai culture, values, lifestyle, history, and fun facts. The lessons are designed to improve your Thai language skills and enrich your understanding of Thailand. The content is presented in engaging audio podcasts.

Volume 1: Daily Thai Edition (Intermediate Level)

Focus: Everyday situations such as renting a house, applying for a job, grocery shopping, going to the salon, opening a bank account, taking a business trip, and banking.

Volume 2: Very Thai Edition (Upper Intermediate Level)

Focus: Cultural aspects like Muay Thai (Thai boxing), elephants, street food, local fruits, and Thai manners.

You can access Pocket Thai through our YouTube channel, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts for the free tier. The paid tier is available through our website for subscribed students.

Search for the series/playlist “Pocket Thai Podcast” by BananaThai.

Each session takes around 20 mins to study. You can follow these steps: 

✅ Listen to the story (15 mins long) and try to comprehend
✅ Read the transcript and work on translation

In case you are subscribed to the premium tier, you can add more value to your study.

⭐️ Review key vocabulary and phrases
⭐️ Learn grammar and syntax from Bonus Lesson
⭐️ Boost your understanding with quizzes

We aim to make the greatest impact possible, so some parts of the content can be accessed for free, such as audio and transcript.

Listen to the Pocket Thai Podcast by BananaThai on Spotify or YouTube.

And if you would like to get more out of this, you can subscribe to the premium (paid) version to access bonus lessons, vocabulary lists, comprehension exercises, and download audios.

The paid program will be launched in July 2024.

Firstly, subscribe to the waitlist and tick the box “Help provide feedback and suggestion” and we will reach out to you when our first demo is ready. 

You will then be able to preview some of paid content, and then can provide feedback. Stay tuned for our exclusive newsletter.

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