Learn Thai on BTS Skytrain

If you live in Bangkok, one of the convenient transportation you use every day is the sky train or what we call the “BTS” train.

Before getting to the next station, there is always be a lady’s voice announcing something. Today I would like to help you explain, what exactly the lady says. 

Learn Thai from BTS skytrain Bangkok

Learn Thai vocabulary

สถานี /sà-thãa-nii/ = station


  • สถานีตำรวจ /sà-thãa-nii tam-rùad/ = police station
  • สถานีรถไฟ /sà-thãa-nii ròd-fay/ = train station

ต่อไป /tòor-pay/ = next


  • ครั้งต่อไป /kráng tòr-pay/ = next time
  • คนต่อไป /khon tòr-pay/ = next person
  • คิวต่อไป /queue tòr-pay/ = next queue

Please note that, you can also use the word หน้า /nâa/ as the word next. It is quite a bit less casual.

When you put these 2 words together สถานทีต่อไป สถานีอโศก (sà-thãa-nii tòr-pay, sà-thãa-nii Asok), it means 
“Next station, Asok Station”

Watch this video to learn more about this. Do not forget to follow my BananaThai channel to keep learning Thai na ka!

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