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Poop as a waste of the body

/khîi/ (ขี้) in Thai language means not only “poop” as a noun or “to take a dump” as an informal verb but also “body waste”.

We put “khîi (ขี้)” in the front of an organ to call the body waste that comes out of the particular part of the body. Does it sound disgusting?

Here are the examples;

  • ขี้หู /khîi-húu/ = Earwax (หู /húu/ means ear)
  • ขี้ตา /khîi-taa/ = Sleep, Gum (in the eyes) (ตา /taa/ means eyes)
  • ขี้ฟัน /khîi-fan/ = Plaque, food sticked in between your teeth (ฟัน /fan/ means teeth)
  • ขี้มูก /khîi-mûuk/ = Booger (จมูก /jà-mûuk/ means nose)
  • ขี้หัว /khîi-hua/ = Dandruff (หัว /hua/ means head)
  • PS. you can all dandruff “รังแค” /rang-khae/ too.

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Poop as a prefix of adjectives

This is really interesting because there are many adjectives in Thai language that use /khîi/ (ขี้) as a prefix. (it is a homophone so it pronouns 100% like “poo”).

/khîi/ is mostly used in the case of a negative personality. /khîi/, in this case, means tend to be …

ขี้เกียจ /khî-kiad/ = lazy
/chãn khîi-kiad pay tham-ngaan wan-ní/
I am lazy to go to work today.

ขี้โม้ /khîi-móo/ = bragful
อย่าขี้โม้ นั่นไม่จริงเลย
/yàa khîi-móo/nân máy jing/
Don’t be bragy! That is not true.

ขี้น้อยใจ /khîi-nóy-jay/ = sulk or be offended
/noóng-chaay-khõorng-chan khîi-nóy-jay/
My brother tends to be sulk.

ขี้อิจฉา /khîi-ìd-chãa/ = jealous
พี่สาวของฉันต้องได้ทุกอย่างที่ฉันได้ ขี้อิจฉาจริงๆ
/phîi-sãaw-khõorng-chan tông dâay thuúk-yàang tii chãn dáay/khîi-ìd-chãa maak-maak/
My sister needs to get everything I get. She is so jealous!

ขี้โมโห /khîi moo-hõo/ = grumpy, moody, fussy
พ่อตีฉันเพราะฉันทำการบ้านผิด พ่อเป็นคนขี้โมโห
/phôor tii chãn phrór chãn tham kaan-bâan phid/ phôor pen khon khîi-moo-hõo/
My dad hit me because I did a mistake with my homework. He is very fussy.

ขี้อวด /khîi-uàd/ = showy, gaudy
แม่เป็นคนขี้อวด ซื้อของแบร์นเนมแล้วโพสบนเฟสบุ๊ค
/máe pen khon khîi-uàd/ súe-khõorng Brandname laew post bon Facebook/
My mom tends to show off. She buys brand-name stuff and posts them on Facebook.

In addition, ขี้ /khîi/ + noun can show the addition of particular things.

For example, 

  • ขี้เหล้า /khîi-lâw/ = alcoholic as the word เหล้า /lâw/ means alcohol
  • ขี้ยา /khîi-yaa/ = drug-addicted as the word ยา /yaa/ means drugs. Please note that ขี้ /khîi/ can sometimes be used in a positive personality for examples
  • ขี้เล่น /khîi-len/ = playful as the word เล่น means to play.

To conclude,  /khîi/ (ขี้) can be…

  1. poo (n)
  2. to poop (v)
  3. waste of body
  4. prefix for adjectives

So now you see, learning about “poop” helps you better your Thai language.

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