[Farangs speak Thai Podcast #1] Henning Leuckert Interview

My first Banana Talks Thai Podcast is finally released to help you learn Thai, and enjoy listening to interesting topics around Thailand. This podcast is an interview of a non-Thai speaker whose story is worth sharing.

Interview: Henning Leuckert

From Germany to a small city in Isan, khuh Henning Leuckert impressively made it to a sabay-sabay life in Chaiyaphum. In this podcast, you will learn about him, how he managed to speak Thai in 15 months and how he enjoyed his Isan life with Thai people.

Learn Thai from podcast

Introduction to the special guest

Khun Henning comes from Germany, but moved to Thailand a year ago and now living in Chaiyaphum, a small province in northeastern region. He has been studying Thai on his own for a year already, and his Thai is just impressively.

0.51 เขียน /khian/ = to write
1.:12 คุณมาจากประเทศอะไร /khun maa-jàak pra-theed a-ray/ = Where do you come from?
1:15 คนเยอรมัน /khon yer-ra-man/ = a German person
1.18 เมือง /mueng/ = city
1:24 ภาคเหนือ /phâak nuea/ = Northen region 
1:27 เคย /khuey/ = used to
1:47 จังหวัด /jang-wàd/ = province
1:51 ภาค /phâak/ = region
2:08 กี่ปี /kii-pii/ = how many years
2.17 เรียนเอง /rian eng/ = learn on one’s own
2.25 ส่วนใหญ่ /sùan-yài/ = mostly
2.32 ทุกคน /thúk-khon/ = everyone
2.39 ไม่อย่างนั้น /mây-yàang-nan/ = otherwise
2.42 ต่อไป /tòr-pai/ = next

What is his inspiration to speak Thai?

His inspiration to learn to speak Thai is living in Thailand and be able to engage with local people as he think Thai people are kind, easy and chill. He even wants to live there forever.

2.48 แรงบันดาลใจ /raeng-ban-daan-jai/ = inspiration
3.00 ที่แรก /thii-râek/ = first time
3.05 มาเที่ยว /maa thîaw/ = come to travel
3.16 ปีที่แล้ว /pii thîi-láew/ = last year
2.18 สอนภาษาอังกฤษ /soorn phaa-sãa ang-krìd/ = to teach English language
3:20 เพราะว่า /phrór-wâa/ = because
3:32 ใจดี /jai-dii/ = kind / have a good heart
3.36 ง่าย /ngâay/ = easy
3.42 นาน /naan/ = long time
3:46 ตลอดไป /ta-lòod-pai/ = forever

His Isan life in Chaiyaphum

Khun Henning doesn’t live in the main town, instead he lives in a small village where people know, help and cooperate with each other. There is nothing much, no shopping malls, just small 7/11s, but he loves it.

4:00 อีสาน /Ii-sãan/ = north-east
4:03 ชึวิต /chii-víd/ = life
4:14 อำเภอเมือง /am-phoer-mueang/ = main district / town
4:22 อย่างเดียว /yàang-diaw/ = only
2:26 ที่สุด /thîi-sud/ = the most
4:29 รู้จักกัน /rúu-jàk kan/ = to know each other
4:32 ช่วยกัน /chûay-kan/ = to help each other
4:34 ด้วยกัน /dûay-kan/ = together

Kru Smuk learned Isan Language

He cannot speak Isan well yet, but can understand and catch some meanings. I wanted to learn couple sentences in Isan dialect, so khun Henning taught me the sentence ‘Is it dilicious?’ And ‘It’s very delicious’.

4:51 ภาษาอีสาน /phaa-sãa ii-sãan/ = Isan dialect
4:59 รู้เรื่อง /rúu-rûeang/ = to understand
5:05 แตกต่าง /tàek-tàang/ = different
5:08 สำเนียง /sãm-niang/ = dialect / accent
5:24 สอน /sõorn/ = to teach
5:27 ประโยค /prà-yòok/ = sentence
5:35 สำคัญ /sãm-khan/ = important
5:39 คำถาม /kham-thãam/ = question
5:45 แซ่บบ่ /saeb-boh/ = delicious right? (Isan dialect)
6:49 แซ่บหลายเด้อ /sâeb lãay der/ = very delicious (Isan dialect)
6:51 แซ่บอิหลีเด้อ /sâeb i-líi der/ = really delicious (Isan dialect)

How to learn Thai effectively

He sees the important of engaging in the Thai society. It’s important to learn Thai language to be able to understand and interact with local people who live around. Just practice all the time, listen a lot, and do not be afraid of not being able to understand Thai. Speaking Thai is easy and possible when it comes with practice.

9:44 สำคัญ /sãm-khan/ = important
9:46 ต้อง /tôong/ = must / have to
9:50 ตลอดเวลา /ta-lòod we-laa/ = all the time
9:56 หลายคน /lãay khon/ = many people
10:25 ฟัง /fang/ = to listen to
10:31 ฝากถึง /fàng-thueng/ = send the message
10:38 กลัว /glua/ = be afraid
10:49 ก่อน /kòorn/ = …..first
11:18 สนุก /sa-nùk/ = fun

What about you? Share your story, how to set up your life in Thailand and how your Thai learning is going. 
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